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Dolphin Dance (4:42)
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (2:41)
Always (4:46)

Invitation (6:37)
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (3:18)
All Blues (4:42)
My Foolish Heart (7:08)


Dolphin Dance (8:36)
Nardis (7:19)
My Funny Valentine (5:12)
I Mean You (5:06)

"There’s something special about the basic piano trio. The small group and spare sound is charming and intimate at its heart, but also gives the musicians room to stretch out to enormous lengths and maneuver around and within each other’s work. New York’s Go Trio is a shining example of both a trio’s tightness and its elasticity. They play acoustic and electric music, classic and contemporary, swing and funk. If the trio has any one focal point, it’s the American Songbook, the definition of which they are working overtime to broaden." - Washington City Paper

Sean  Gene Doug

          Propelled by American jazz bassist Gene Perla, formerly with Elvin Jones, Sonny Rollins, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan, and Stone Alliance, Go Trio features pianist Sean Gough, a young man who continues to stretch the boundaries of the American Songbook, great jazz standards, and original compositions. Rounding out the Trio is drummer Doug Hirlinger, a sensitive master of rhythm.

          Even as they mine the most familiar tunes, each musician's effortless attentiveness to the other guarantees a vital and spontaneous approach to music. In their short history, Go Trio has secured multiple performances at leading jazz venues, music festivals, and establishments featuring jazz.

"Go Trio straddles traditional and modern jazz. They play the Great American Songbook and jazz standards, but they are hardcore believers in improvisation. You can be sure that each time they play a tune, it will be different." - The Morning Call



As those who reentered the festival site regained their seats upon the wonderful hill that is a natural amphitheater, the first notes of the day’s lineup began to play. These belonged to Go Trio who consisted of Gene Perla on bass, Sean Gough on piano, and Doug Hirlinger on drums along with Jeannie Brooks on vocals. The music was smooth and invigorating while Jeannie’s solid voice penetrated the air and sliced through it like a microwaved knife through warm butter. The word, “Wow” does not suffice in describing their performance, but it seems to be the best I can do in searching for a way to do so. Wow.

"We had GREAT feedback. I know there were not a lot of people there. I think the word JAZZ scared them away. But one reason we exist is to educate about some of the other things out there in the world, with which we may not be familiar. For us who attended IT WAS GRAND. Karen Gordy has not come down to earth yet. I will remember the evening -- "not for just a day . . . but ALWAYS". And that song makes me weep to think of it. We are so glad you took time from your busy schedule
for us."

"What a concert!"

"Such a memorable event....for all."

"I cannot tell you how much I appreciated you putting me on the guest list so that I could hear you and your trio play that beautiful music. And your singer will have to have Diane Krall step aside. It was such a joy for me and all of us to hear you. Thank you, thank you for thinking of me and sharing that wonderful experience with me. It brought tears to my eyes as well. What a great gift you have and that you share it with so many. Thanks again, dear Gene, and every good wish to you and your amazing career as a fine musician."

"Great stuff!"

"You guys sounded great."

"Fantastic!!!! The great Gene Perla at play. One of the powerhouse bassists of all times. Elvin Jones did wonderful work with this giant of the instrument."

"I had the pleasure and privilege of hearing your trio and stellar vocalist.
Please put me on your mailing list so I can know of future performance events.
I have been listening to this music for a long time and (Sean) you are an exceptionally gifted musician."

"Was unfamiliar with you until I checked out the trio's website.
Brilliant stuff, man. Really impressed."

“Mesmerizing, beautiful sound!! Would definitely
love to hear these guys perform again.”

"A good band."

"The trio is reminiscent, in sonic texture, of a combination of Keith Jarrett and Bill Evans, with a slant toward playing mainly standards in an advanced manner
(the pianist often played in a different key than at the beginning of a tune and often different than that of the bass player). The music did swing... but the swing was quite cerebral, yet accessible. It was beautiful playing all around."

"Mr Gough's creative twists on the standards led to an
interesting game of 'Name That Tune.'"

"I thought you guys were great and I'd like to get a recording of you."

"Just a brief note to let you know how much we enjoyed last nite at Twins Jazz Club. It was a new experience for us, and it was plain terrific. We'll root for your continued success, which we are certain will happen. Keep up the good work."

"Great music! Wow! I think the pianist is FANTASTIC!"

"It is my pleasure to know such amazing artists."

"GO GO GO, you guys are awesome!"

"Just a fast note to say how much we all enjoyed the gig last night...
you have a wonderful trio!... enjoyed the great bass lines and solos...
the drummer complimented the music perfectly never overplaying,
and the pianist knocked everyone out... hope to catch you down the road."

"'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy' made me want to dance!
It's all great and I'm sure they will love you!"

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