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Go Trio
Sean Gough, Piano
Gene Perla, Bass
Jon Arkin, Drums
VIKTORIJA GEČYTĖ ~ Viktorija Gečytė [Get-CHEET-Hey] hit the stage at the age of five in her native Lithuania. She was soon singing festivals, touring Europe, recording, and making appearances on Lithuanian television. Some years later, influenced by the great American singers, Ms. Gečytė started to feel the swing and decided to freelance. Her ease, sense of rhythm, and strong low voice appealed to many ears, and earned her international awards. Now living in Paris, she met Gene and Sean while in college in the U.S., making this her sixth American tour with Go Trio.
GO TRIO ~ Propelled by American jazz bassist Gene Perla, formerly with Elvin Jones, Sonny Rollins, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan, and Stone Alliance: Go Trio features pianist Sean Gough, a young man who continues to stretch the boundaries of the American Songbook, jazz standards, and original melodies. Gene and Sean have been playing with many wonderful drummers, including Jon Arkin, Doug Hirlinger, and Colby Inzer. Even as they mine the most familiar tunes, each musician's effortless attentiveness guarantees vital and spontaneous music. Go Trio has secured multiple performances at leading jazz clubs, music festivals, and establishments featuring jazz.